Document Scanning and Storage

Go paperless with Carolina Shred's document scanning services and document storage services. Companies all over Fort Mill, SC are benefiting from converting paper files and copies to digitally stored, organized, and searchable documents. Our document digitization services are not only hassle-free, digitally stored documents will free up your valuable business space, allowing you to reduce your business's cost per square foot by increasing production and eliminating the need for off-site file storage. 

How Document Scanning and Storage Works

The process is simple: 

  1. Pack your documents in a standard paper or file box. 
  2. We pick them up or you can have them delivered to our processing center.
  3. We prepare, scan, and categorize your documents and prepare your first box for review and approval. 
  4. Our automated scanners convert documents to PDF or TIFF format.
  5. Digital documents are then automatized for character recognition and search-ability.
  6. We store and deliver documents in your preferred format.
  7. Original documents are then returned or shredded per your request. 
  8. If shredded, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your records. 

You pay per box, no matter how many pages are inside. You choose how often and how much you want scanned and let us know your preferred document specifications and delivery method. We will either pick up boxes of documents to be scanned with our secure courier service, establish a mailing schedule, or implement our processes on-site in your mailroom before paper ever reaches your desk. 

Benefits of Secure Document Digitization Services

Many companies are already enjoying the benefits and convenience of Carolina Shred's document storage and scanning services which include:

  • Time Saving with Automated Scanning
  • Bulk Document Scanning Services
  • Easily Organized and Searchable Documents, Receipts, and Business Card Directories
  • Increased Operating Space
  • Secure, Worry-Free Storage of Sensitive Documents and Information
  • Hassle-Free Document Back Up
  • Easy to Share, Distribute, and Duplicate
  • Environmentally Friendly for Green Offices
  • Save on Paper Costs
  • Eliminate the Need for Off-Site Storage

Flexible Processing and Document Scanning to Meet Unique Business Needs

Carolina Shred tailors our document scanning services to meet the operational needs of any business with flexible scanning abilities and a modifiable process. Our automated, high-volume scanning equipment is designed to handle the specifications of almost any scanning project. Options and features include:

  • Processing of Varied Paper Weights and Sizes: Scan standard paper sizes, business cards, receipts, and sticky notes as well as large sized documents such as blueprints, maps, and building plans.
  • Automated Single Sided or Duplex Scanning Detection: Our automated scanners automatically detect and distinguish between single sided and duplex documents, eliminating extra work on your end, missing information, or unnecessary blank pages between scanned documents. 
  • Black and White, Gray Scale, or Color Imaging: You have the ability to specify the color of scanned image documents to your company's preference.
  • Finished products are available in PDF and/or TIFF documents.
  • Documents can be transferred to you for storage and viewing on CD/DVD, flash drive, and are available for immediate viewing, review, and approval on the cloud. 

Why Carolina Shred is Fort Mill, SC Business's Choice for Document Scanning and Digital Document Storage

We at Carolina Shred take pride in providing our clients with safe, secure shredding, document storage, and document scanning services tailored to your company's needs and operating requirements. We deliver quality products with exceptional service. Our experienced and certified employees are properly vetted prior to employment with the necessary criminal background and credit checks, in addition to completing a thorough training program. From our highly secured facility and network to our team of well-trained, trustworthy individuals, at Carolina Shred, we are proud to be Fort Mill, SC's first choice in document security.